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New site host, new design coming, mind the dust!

Well, I’ve had a pretty rough year thus far, and not had a lot of time to be making and managing my music and other projects.  However, due to the fact that Nighthorse Media is now a thing and I have my own hosting, I’m going to get my lazy butt off of thestuffoflegends (thanks, Doug and crew, for letting me use that for so long!  I owe you some fine wine for your help).  The new official place for all my stuff is going to be level99.nighthorsemedia.com.  I have to comb through everything and change a massive amount of linkage but all the files should be on the new site and the old one will eventually just turn into a redirect.

I’m also going to try to tie in a little bit more class around here.  Some social media widgets, a music player so you folks can listen to my stuff while you browse, some media and pictures and many more current events since I will be doing more convention and concert appearances in the near future with OverClocked University.

For now, less talk, more action on my part.  Sorry if any old posts get deleted with your comments but I’m really looking forward to having things more clean, organized, and easier for people to use.

I am going to regret saying this but look forward for more and more consistent updates, especially with me just randomly spilling some thoughts on random stuff.

Edit: Oh yeah, sorry about the somewhat vanilla wordpress theme.  I’m going to be getting it much more fleshed out as things continue to grow here.  Right now, I just needed something clean, usable, and able to support the mp3 player widget.  OH YEAH, finally you can listen to my stuff while browsing.  (make sure to pop the player out otherwise it’ll stop when you go to another page)