This is the personal website of Level 99, also known as Stevo Bortz (who is ME!).  I’ve been a musician ever since I started mashing on my Dad’s cheap yamaha PSS-140 back when I was really young.  I’ve been playing guitar for nearly 15 years, and mostly I focus these days on making ReMixes for various remix sites like OverClocked ReMix, remix:thasauce, OverLooked ReMiX, and others.

Music creation equipment:

I use a variety of equipment to make music these days.  I use Cakewalk Sonar 8.5 as my DAW.  Some of the plugins I use very often are Pentagon I, Sampletank 2XL, EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver, Rapture, Dimension, Addictive Drums, LiveCut, dblue Glitch, the range of DSK plugins, Kjaehus, iZotope Ozone 4, and paulstretch.  I use many more, including a large variety of free soundfonts, but there’s way too many to list.

For my guitars, I mainly use my Gibson SG Faded for electric guitars, though sometimes I go back to my Epiphone Les Paul Standard.  I record effects using my Line 6 POD 2.0, Line 6 POD XT, or TH1 Overloud.  For acoustics, I use my Hohner HW300G-TBK.  I record acoustic guitars using a MXL991 on-axis to the hole with a popfilter, which is then run into a Focusrite Saffire6 USB.

I also record vocals, which is usually done with a pop-filtered MXL990 through the Saffire6 USB.  I use Roland V-Vocals for pitch correction and paulstretch for some of the vocal effects.

and that’s enough for now.  More later!

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