It’s not that I’m not doing stuff, I’m doing LOTS of stuff!

Okay, so October came and went without a peep from me on the official website.  That’s my bad.  October snowballed into madness very quickly.  BUT while I have been silent, I have not been slacking…

Here’s a few updates:

A cool new finished remix will be released this Sunday!

I’m nearly done my last track for the NiGHTS project.

I’m also nearly done my collab with pu_freak and Willrock for Badass project

I’ve been working on some secret stuff

The OverClocked Plaid Muffins are more than halfway done three songs!

Many episodes of OCAD to edit and release.

I finished my track for Unsung Heroes.

I’ve started and finished a collab with Willrock for Super Dodge Ball – Around the World.

I’ve been working on a new collab with Zircon for Megaman X Series – Maverick Rising.

I’ve finished my collab with Hemophiliac for Megaman X Series – Maverick Rising.

I’ve decided, with Willrock, to aim to have the collab we are working on for Dire Dire Docks be put on Josh Whelchel’s Songs for the Cure charity.

Somewhere in there, I found time to eat, sleep, work, and attempt to be healthy.

Yeah, quite the mouthful, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot.  I will see you all Sunday for that cool new song release, though!  KEEP ON ROCKING!


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