Things keep moving along very well these days!  Coming up on the deadline for Maverick Rising, Bad Ass, Seiken Densetsu 3, and a whole bunch others.  NiGHTS final deadline December 1st, so I’m going to be keeping very close tabs on the musicians involved.

However, this post has some more awesomeness.  I recently started a heavy-duty pursuit to improve my mastering.  As a result, I have gone back and remastered quite a few tracks (both released and unreleased).  I will post links to the ones that have been released, so feel free to download these versions.  I feel that, while the versions of these songs originally released on other sites such as OCR and thasauce are still good and indicative of where I was musically at the time, these are considerable improvements.  Enjoy!


I will probably post more as applicable.  I have yet to make enough improvement on the acoustic remixes to warrant any kind of remastered uploading.


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