Again, best birthday ever.

Even though I didn’t do anything too special for it, the people in my life made yesterday again the best birthday ever.  On top of that, OC ReMix posted the track Avaris and myself did for the Xenogears project last year!  What a present!

Avaris, Level 99 – Quickening

It’s always wonderful working with Shaun, and for two reasons: one, he always knows exactly what to do, and two, he’s a very hard-headed friend.  This is why we mesh very well during collaborations, constantly fighting between happy & uplifting (which is usually my perspective of how songs should be) and sad & depressing (Shaun has a literal distaste for happy music).  The result ends up being a mixture of both.

For this song, the most remarkable thing was how quickly it came together.  I had listened to some Xenogears songs from time to time previously, the majority of my Mitsuda experience coming from Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger, but actually never heard either “Small of Two Pieces” or “Faraway Promise” until talking with Shaun on the phone that day.  He was literally bouncing the waves to mp3s for the Humans + Gears project and said it was a shame no one has done Faraway Promise.  He sent me a link to the original song and I said simply “so how do we get it on there”.  We decided to challenge ourselves to push out one more song on the album before release, and within 24 hours, we had made the majority of what was Quickening.  A few weeks later, the project came out.  The project itself is really really good, so definitely check it out.

Again, really good birthday, and a nice track.  Oh, and I’m submitting a song to OCR today.

*waves at the song*

See you in the judge’s queue!


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