One finished track, one new WIP, secret project underway, etc.

Wow, I had the fullest of intentions to update this as often as possible.  Sorry guys.  Here’s all what’s been going on lately:

Otakon was amazing, and the OCAD crew got great footage of the OCR and OCAD panels.  Check the OCAD site for more updates on that as editing gets started.

New track posted on ReMix:thasauce.  It was a collab I did with Gario for a Battletoads & Double Dragon song.  It’s called Rocket Slam!  Enjoy:

Been working steadily on the remake of my old Dire Dire Docks remix.  You can check the progress of it on the OCR WIP thread:

Got some secret stuff going on with a new project that’s getting underway.  Major development wont begin for quite a few months but it’s shaping up to be pretty killer.

Other things going on in the background but I will find time to do a more proper update and decorate my site a little bit more.

Oh, and I turn 25 this Thursday.  Quarter-of-a-century-old.  I think I will eat falafel and a cupcake that evening :D

One thought on “One finished track, one new WIP, secret project underway, etc.

  1. Nadia

    You are pbobarly too young to remember the humble Commodore 64… but artists like Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway actually sold games on their basis of their little 4 or so k inputs for the famous SID chip… it was amazing what they could get much out of so little. Then the demo scene became huge… essentially programmers and musicians releasing their own compositions with graphics and shouts around Europe. I’m sure many of them got caught up in the electronic dance revolution of the subsequent decade. It’s all on the interwebs, if you are interested.


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