NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming released – a brief retrospective

Before I even begin my rambling, first let me point you in the right direct: Go there, get the album, like it, tweet it, spread the word, torrent it, seed it, listen to it, and pretty much do whatever you want with it.  I hope you enjoy it, and on behalf of everyone who worked on it, I thank you for listening.

Begin rambly portion of the post:

I started the Lucid Dreaming album at a peculiar time in my life.  Final Fantasy 4: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption had just been released, which is the first OCR album that had a track done entirely by me (and looking back, seeing how far I’ve grown since then, I’m wondering why I even thought starting an album was a good idea at all).  I was living in a townhouse with three other guys, graduated college the year before, and still getting a handle on life in-general, including improving my musical skills.  The friends I had made through working on FF4 had given me enough confidence to attempt heading a remix album of my own.  NiGHTS is a game that has meant a lot to me over the years, but little did I realize that through the course of creating this album I would find out just how many others like me were out there.

As the album got going, I actively recruited musicians to get on board the project.  Some people weren’t on the project at first, like Dj Mokram and Ben Briggs, and some people who started on it ended up not being on the final project, like bLiNd and John Revoredo.  It was a somewhat auspicious start to the project would end up consuming the 2 years of my life that followed.

Shortly after recruitment was underway, I started a search for the NiGHTS fanbase online.  I had full intention of involving the fans.  NiGHTS is a game which has been considered a “cult classic” for years, and I wanted to make sure I had their support, their feedback, and on top of that, their involvement in creating parts of it.  I made a somewhat unassuming post on, and about a month after the thread was created, the site’s admins took notice of it.  It is hard to believe that Niyazi, Lynne, and myself have probably passed some 500 odd emails between each other in those 2 years.  It might be closer to 1000, but lets just say that those two have become very close friends of mine because of this album.  They’re amazing people and I consider myself lucky to have had them on board, because this album wouldn’t exist as it does without their assistance.

The two years that followed were filled with ups and downs.  I ended up meeting my fiancé while I was running this project, and I couldn’t have finished without her support.  I’ve met a ton of amazing musicians and artists through this, and found myself to become part of the most sincere and heartwarming fanbase on the entire internet.  We’ve even been able to get this back to the people who helped make the original game possible, and that is among this highest of goals a project like this can achieve.

I want to thank everyone who helped with the album, and who helped support it while in creation.  And I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, the people who get it and enjoy it.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever do another album like this one, but the experience has changed my life in more ways that I can possibly count.

Dream well,


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