Monthly Archives: December 2010

Quickie Part 1

Just a quicky about two things:

1) Last week,  the Zelda: Link’s Awakening project, Threshold of a Dream, came out! FINALLY!  Today was the listening party as well.  I have a collab track on the project with Prophetik, which actually has the honor of being the title track of the album.  Check it out here: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Threshold of a Dream.  The project is very deliberate in its style so I encourage you to close your eyes and open your mind as this is not the most upbeat project there is.

2) Just released the remastered version of Winter Dreamers EP.  Let me say something about it: I originally had intended on teaming up with DiGi again to do an entirely new release this winter because last year’s project fared so well.  However, due to time constraints on both ends, we weren’t able to secure enough time to dedicate to a new project.  Lucid Dreaming, among other things, had taken up the majority of my time.  However, throughout the last year, my ability to approach sound mixing has substantially improved (at least, in my own opinion), so I took what time I could over the last few months to go back and improve what we already had, including creating and bundling karaoke versions of two of the tracks.  The result is a cut above last years release, and should be enough to tide people over to next Summer and next Winter as well. Check it out here: Winter Dreamers EP Remastered

More substantial update about things soon.  Keep on rocking, especially now in the cold when the need for ear coverings is important!