Monthly Archives: July 2010

NiGHTS teaser track + New Remix done

Alright, so two things went on in the last few weeks.

1) It was NiGHTS’s 14th birthday last Monday, so in honor of that, I threw together a little video to put over one of the final tracks for the NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming project and released it online.  It’s also in a video for the campaign.  Anyways, here’s the video:

NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming Teaser Track (OC ReMix Album)

Also, you can download the track here:


This is all definitely old-ish news but I gotta use this blog for something!

2) I finished a remix of a track from Rad Racer 2 for the NES.  The song has been subbed to both remix:thasauce and OCR and will go through the motions there, but in the mean-time you can download it here (you candid folks, you!).  It’s of the track Gum Ball Crash, and the remix is called Fire in the Tires:


It’s a lot closer to a cover than my other stuff, because I love the source tune so much.  I did make some original parts and think I variated it enough to keep it from being a cover.  Enjoy!

Made a site

Yup, I did.  I made a site.  This will serve as the central hub where you can find all the stuff I’ve worked on.  I’ll be posting about:

* New Songs

* Work on my projects

* Random bloggy stuff

* Higher quality versions of released tracks

* And it even comes with an egg slicer!

I’ve already made a few pages with links out to the majority of my released stuff, and there will be more coming soon!