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NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming Trailer

Edit: Video is fixed!

Well, it has been over two months since my last blog post.  What have I been up to, you may wonder?  Well, I’ll give a quick rundown.

I’ve been slowly working on some remixes.  Yes, very slowly.  There are many other things that have taken a higher priority than music lately.  The highest priority for me right now is spending quality time with my fiance while she is in town.  I’m cherishing every moment I get to spend with her.  Besides that, I’ve been pulling my weight for OC ReMix album evaluations.  We’ve gone through three thus far in the last two months, with two more on the slab and a few almost ready to eval.  These take a lot longer to do than normal remixes because of the size of the listening,  the scope of the project, and the necessity for numerous people to get their evaluations in.  Plus the added time to give feedback to the directors if there are any issues.  I’ve also been doing lots of OCR plannign stuff, getting things ready for OCR Live!, coordinating staff activities, and notating our biweekly staff meetings.  Outside of OCR, my work still keeps me very busy.  Finding time to relax with a walk with the Lady is something I’ve grown to value more and more.

But there’s one thing I’ve been working on which will soon be completed.  2 years ago, I started the NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming album.  Next week, it will be released.  This will be a huge weight off my shoulders and, from what I’ve seen and heard thus far, the album will be well-received.  The physical copies came in and the necessary ones have been shipped out to people.  Yuji Naka and Takeshi Iizuka received copies over the weekend, which was a totally surreal thing to have happen.  Apparently, Iizuka had already heard of the project and requested more copies to give to the original music team for NiGHTS (Tomoko Sasaki, Naofumi Hataya, and Fumie Kumatani).  Mind = Blown. 

The trailer premiered at the Summer of Sonic convention over the weekend, and now the trailer is available online.  Check it out, spread it around, and thanks to José the Bronx Rican for his fantastic video.

NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming, An OC ReMix Album (Trailer)


New Remix! Kirby’s Dream Land – Gliding on a Silver Lining

I’ve been working on this one for a while, and I just can’t keep it to myself anymore.  It’s an all-acoustic arrangement of Bubbly Clouds from Kirby’s Dream Land.  It’s very soothing and warm and smooth and all that good stuff.  It is a gorgeous day outside, and I can’t help but listen to this song and smile in the sun.


Oh, and for those who celebrate it, happy Easter and/or happy Passover!





Finally, some new stuff to talk about!

Hmm, where do I begin.

First, I’d like to announce that OC ReMix is putting out their 23rd album today.  It’s from the Pokemon series (multiple generations) and is called The Missingno Tracks.  It features one of my oldest remixes yet-to-be-released: the track was started almost four years ago.  It also features a chill collab with Protodome, amongst many other awesome songs.  The project itself has been going on for about five years, so it’s really nice to see it finally come to a close.  The website should be accessible later tonight, but the trailer has already been released.

Speaking of OC ReMix, I’ve become increasingly involved with the website to the point where I’m organizing staff-related matters.  Actively assisting in how the site runs has been a goal of mine for quite a long time, and it’s really good to be in the position where I can put good ideas to practice.  This is one of the main reasons nearly all of my other free time has been whisked away, but I feel that it is worth it.  The result is a better-running and happier community at OCR.

I’m still doing music, that definitely hasn’t changed, but it has slowed to a snail’s pace.  I might even have to drop a remix or two in the interest of time and quality, because it would be unfair for the director and unacceptable by me to give something that I’m not happy with.  But don’t worry, stuff is being done.

My Winter was, on the whole, super-awesome.  I spent a week with my girlfriend at her home in Canada, and met her family.  They were incredibly nice and welcomed me with open arms.  After we came back to the States, I proposed.  She said yes.  We spent two weeks together before MAGFest and then she went back up North for her last semester of school.  I’m missing her terribly every day, but I’m getting by.
MAGFest was absolutely sick.  The OCR and OCAD panels there rocked face harder than any previously.  The OCR panel opened with a live performance of Wandered on the Offensive, performed by OA, diotrans, Cyril the Wolf, and myself.  There was a killer video made for the performance by Cerrax, who worked on the original version of the track.  Hopefully, a video of this performance goes up soon, because it was pretty awesome.  I did the rhythm guitars and one of the solos.  Everything about MAGFest was great, except the lines, the crowding, the parking, and the elevators.
The Lucid Dreaming project is coming along very well.  All the music is done, and the artwork is approaching the 50% completion point.  Donations were opened last month and have been going very well since that started.  There’s still about a month left in the donation window, and I will be ordering the physical distribution almost immediately after that’s done.  It’s going to be a really nice release.  Thanks to everyone involved and who’s donated thus far.

Sometime in the next month or two, the Songs for the Cure 2011 will be released.  It’s a Cancer benefit run by my friend and fellow musician, Josh Whelchel.  I have a new remix on it.  Well, that’s not exactly true….it’s a new version of a very very very OLD remix.  I reapproached Dire Dire Docks similarly to how I did in the VGMix2.0 days, but the outcome is both similar and different.  Definitely something to look forward to, and I encourage you all to donate to get both awesome music and to continue to support the fight against cancer.

Well, that’s about it for now.  I hope to try and keep this place more up to date as time goes on.  I revamped the site layout a bit and organized the remixes section completely, so it should have all my stuff there and much easier to navigate.  Until next time!