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Here’s your holiday present: LOSSLESS STUFF!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!  Before we all die on Friday, or fall off the fiscal cliff or some shit like that, I have a special surprise for you.  I had planned on having a new remix done for now, but getting ready for OverClocked University’s first show at MAGFest this year has really halted much progress elsewhere in life.  So instead, what I’ve been gathering, released unto you: my current lossless collection!


Head on over to the new Lossless page, and enjoy!  Right now its just remixes, but OHC entries and originals will be uploaded in the near future.

Wiping away the cobwebs

Well that was a very long and unintended break in keeping things updated here, wasn’t it?  Not even sure how many people are checking the site at all these days.  But if you so happen to actually be taking a look after 11 months of apparent inactivity, HORRAY FOR YOU! You are the best, you are awesome, you win the race.  Or something like that.

So please bare (or is it bear? don’t know, but whatever it is, it sounds like it involved hairy things) with me as I start to update the site and get all of the stuff that I’ve worked on since the last update presented here.  There will be much reorganization and further information on things, and I will start uploading all of my materials to more sites so that people can get them however they choose (bandcamp, youtube, direct download, etc. etc.).  But consider this post to be your Cliff’s notes version to checking out lots of cool new things.

First, the feedback for NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming was phenomenal, and still is.  I still get occassional messages from people thanking me for directing the album, amongst other things.  I’m just very happy that people enjoyed it and everyone involved got something out of it.  Still a surreal experience, and coming up on the year anniversary of its release causes a stunning revelation of how much has changed since then.

After NiGHTS finished up, I focused a lot more on OverClocked ReMix staff activities.  Thanks to new processes and procedures put into place last year, the talented team over there was able to push out 11 albums in 12 months.  That’s a metric fuckton of music, along with the regular mixposts.  I’ve been assigned assorted activities behind the scenes, but I have mostly been dealing with staff organization and project coordination.  It’s nice to give back to that wonderful community in a non-musical way, even if it can sometimes be as involving as having a second job.  The staff folks, who by now are all close friends, make it totally worth it, even beyond seeing the fruits of the labor we put in. 

I assistant directed three other recent OCR albums:

Working with OADragonAvenger, JadeEmunator, bLiNd, and Bahamut were all wonderful experiences, even if things can get a little heated at times.  I’m very proud to have been able to help facilitate the production of these unique albums.  I encourage you to check them all out if you have not done so yet.

OverClocked After Dark migrated to a live show format last Summer in order to help reduce the time, effort, and editing need to produce each episode.  As a result, we’re up to Episode 105 now and have a steady weekly following of cool folks.  The OCAD crew roster just keeps growing, and we welcomed Audun Sorlie (aka Akumu Audi) as a regular cohost and guests organizer.  He’s been an awesome addition to the lineup, which follows in total:

  • Level 99 (Stevo)
  • Brushfire (David)
  • Epicenter (Deven)
  • Brian Spackle (Brian)
  • Lady Wildfire (Beth)
  • Audun Sorlie (Audi)
  • Vilecat (Valérie)
  • Viraldemon (Logan)
  • Cyril the Wolf (Connor)

We’ve been broadcasting on the 8bitX radio network, which has some other awesome shows such as Cyril’s Silly Show, 8bitsex with Lauren Goodnight, and more.  Check it all out!

I’ver also started doing, along with fellow composer Ryan McQuinn, the original soundtrack to the Nerdy Show-produced podcast Dungeons and DoritosCheck out episodes here, and get the soundtrack here for free (or pay what you want, if you want to support Ryan and I getting new music gear to make even BETTER music!).  The soundtrack gets updated as episodes are released, so check back every month or so for new material.  Lots of different styles, character themes, variations, the whole works.  The show itself is starting to remind me of a more comedic audio novel, or stuff in the vein of Mercury Theatre on the Air.  EXCITING!

And finally that brings me to my original album(s).  I’ve released an EP of material that I’ve been working on for an upcoming original album.  The EP is called “A Taste of Things to Come”, and is also available as free or pay what you want.  It’s meant to be merely a demo of what I’m shooting for, as all the songs will be more fleshed out and refined, and there will be more of them.  The album will focus primarily on collaborations with other artists that I’ve worked with in the past, revamping old DDC entries and also new material.  Besides that, I have two other concept albums in mind that I will start working on once the full other album is released.  Originally, I was hoping to have it done by the end of Summer, but other obligations have interrupted the workflow and I no longer have an ETA for it.  You all are willing to waiting until its good enough to release, right? OF COURSE YOU ARE!  Check out the EP here: A Taste of Things to Come by Level 99

I’ve also had a number of mixes come out that I’ll have to update, and a whole bunch more coming out.  I’m likely going to not participate in many more upcoming remix projects because I would like to focus both on other areas of interest as well as making fewer remixes but with better quality (and of games that I really want to remix).  But who knows, that may change.

In my personal life, work has gotten very demanding of my time.  This unfortunately has taken a toll on the amount of free time I have to dedicate to my hobby endeavours.  I appreciate everyone’s patience and support through everything, and the best thing people can do is continue to check out this stuff and all the other cool things my friends are doing.  Which means that I need to start a linklist and tell people who to awesomely check out for awesome things!

Well that’s it for now!

Also I got a dog and will hopefully be married soon.  Married to my fiance, Valérie, not to the dog.  Just…shut up already.


NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming released – a brief retrospective

Before I even begin my rambling, first let me point you in the right direct: Go there, get the album, like it, tweet it, spread the word, torrent it, seed it, listen to it, and pretty much do whatever you want with it.  I hope you enjoy it, and on behalf of everyone who worked on it, I thank you for listening.

Begin rambly portion of the post:

I started the Lucid Dreaming album at a peculiar time in my life.  Final Fantasy 4: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption had just been released, which is the first OCR album that had a track done entirely by me (and looking back, seeing how far I’ve grown since then, I’m wondering why I even thought starting an album was a good idea at all).  I was living in a townhouse with three other guys, graduated college the year before, and still getting a handle on life in-general, including improving my musical skills.  The friends I had made through working on FF4 had given me enough confidence to attempt heading a remix album of my own.  NiGHTS is a game that has meant a lot to me over the years, but little did I realize that through the course of creating this album I would find out just how many others like me were out there.

As the album got going, I actively recruited musicians to get on board the project.  Some people weren’t on the project at first, like Dj Mokram and Ben Briggs, and some people who started on it ended up not being on the final project, like bLiNd and John Revoredo.  It was a somewhat auspicious start to the project would end up consuming the 2 years of my life that followed.

Shortly after recruitment was underway, I started a search for the NiGHTS fanbase online.  I had full intention of involving the fans.  NiGHTS is a game which has been considered a “cult classic” for years, and I wanted to make sure I had their support, their feedback, and on top of that, their involvement in creating parts of it.  I made a somewhat unassuming post on, and about a month after the thread was created, the site’s admins took notice of it.  It is hard to believe that Niyazi, Lynne, and myself have probably passed some 500 odd emails between each other in those 2 years.  It might be closer to 1000, but lets just say that those two have become very close friends of mine because of this album.  They’re amazing people and I consider myself lucky to have had them on board, because this album wouldn’t exist as it does without their assistance.

The two years that followed were filled with ups and downs.  I ended up meeting my fiancé while I was running this project, and I couldn’t have finished without her support.  I’ve met a ton of amazing musicians and artists through this, and found myself to become part of the most sincere and heartwarming fanbase on the entire internet.  We’ve even been able to get this back to the people who helped make the original game possible, and that is among this highest of goals a project like this can achieve.

I want to thank everyone who helped with the album, and who helped support it while in creation.  And I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, the people who get it and enjoy it.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever do another album like this one, but the experience has changed my life in more ways that I can possibly count.

Dream well,